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Heathy Glow Skin Spa @ 6th Street Station
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Lightens, brightens and evens out skin tone. Created for all skin types to revive dehydrated aging, loose and wrinkled skin. With a blend of natural treatments of lemon, milk, cucumber, parsley, Hungarian paprika and more, the Oxygenating facial goes intense into the skin, peeling and dissolving away dead skin cells.  A facial made especially to stimulate the circulation of aging, dry skin.
Recommended Skin Types:
All Types. Especially good for age spots, sun spots, hyperpigmentation and sun damage

The tender hands at Healthy Glow have excelled in selecting skin spa treatments with nutritious products that revitalize your whole body.

To get the full benefits of your facial treatments, it is recommended you schedule your facials no more than 4 weeks apart.

Let the healing begin. A facial made for regenerating and healing skin after sun treatments, sunburns and other irritating skin exposures. With a combination of Rose petals and grapeseeds, the concentrated cleansing will infuse nourishing vitamins and antioxidants into the pores, powering, strengthening and soothing the skin. This is a perfect treatment to follow-up a Microdermabrasion treatment or chemical peel.
Recommended Skin Types: All Types. Sunburn, Irritated Skin.
Purchase in bulk and save on treatment.
Hiding sensitive skin is not the remedy, now sensitive skin is calmed and revitalized. The Ilike ultra sensitive system provides an experience made to reduce redness and heal inflammation. This calming effect of essential oil free and BDIH certified products created by the combination  of Yarrow and Plantago, even out the redness and provides a faster healing solution.
Committed to promoting an unforgettable spa experience, let our facial treatments, skin cleansing treatments, or simple refreshers awaken the glow and health of your skin.

*Our experienced esthetician provides personalized skin treatment designed for acne, rosacea, skin allergies, and many more.
A Facial concentrating specifically on the chronic and potentially life-disruptive disorder of Rosacea. This facial has been designed to help correct the look of redness due to hyperactive or poor circulation to the skin. Cleansing the skin and flushing out the capillaries to reduce redness and inflammation associated with rosacea.
Body Facials
Perfect for treating the reduction of stretch marks on the belly. This Firming belly facial improves elasticity and leaves skin silky, smooth and hydrated. Give your skin a boost, especially before heading to the beach, a new date, special event or during swimsuit season.
Naturally effective that will make dry lips feel rich and stimulated. Beginning with Potent fruit pulp enzymes of citrus and pineapple and infuses vitamins to parched lips and removes dryness and fine lip lines. Followed by an extra rich whipped dream masque of shea butter and avocado oil, your lips regain incredible softness and natural fullness. We then finalizing with a petroleum free citrus treat for the lips, made of shea butter and sunflower seed oil, giving lips maximum hydration and a sexy sheen. Schedule as a separate service or as an add on to any facial."
Eyes are the first thing to give your age away. This naturally effective treatment helps reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles by infusing delicate under eye skin with vitamins and minerals from carrot, quince apple, blackthorn and Fenugreek. Schedule as a separate service or as an add on to any facial.

Prices and packages effective January 1, 2010. Pricing is subject to change without notice.
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